Prepaid Cell Phones

Emergency Cell PhoneAs a father of 3 young adults, one of my many worries is for the safety of my children. Much of my worry is that in the event a crisis happens, they’d be incapable of contacting me right away. Because my eldest son is also driving in an old, beat up truck, I worry that it could break down at any time. To deal with this issue, I concluded that the only way for my children to get hold of me in case of an accident is if they had cell phones. They needed an emergency cell phone.

Cellphones really are an awesome way to get in touch with each other, especially in emergency type situations, but the downside is that they can be expensive. Traditional contract plans can be especially expensive. To get my children three separate contract plans, just for emergency situations, would be unrealistic. And of course you have to worry about them going over on the minutes. Contract plans can have outrageous over minute charges and I don’t trust my kids to stay within those limits.

The way that I was able to provide phones for all three of my kids is to get them prepaid cell phones. Prepaid cell phones are generally a cheap alternative to traditional and expensive contract plans. The difference between prepaid plans and traditional contract plans is that you buy the minutes upfront, before you use them. This allows you to control the amount of minutes your kids will use. When the minutes are depleted for the month, the phone is deactivated. There’s absolutely no chance of your kids exceeding on the minutes and causing you to pay huge over airtime charges.

By switching to prepaid cell phones, my wife and I can easily get all our children cell phones with a small amount of minutes. That way, my son could basically leave the cell phone in their car and forget about it until an emergency situation would occur.

prepaid phonesOur other 2 kids can each have the cell phone handy in their bags in case of an emergency or if they need to contact us for a ride home from school. Prepaid plans are a fantastic solution to our problem because we can control the amount of minutes they use and not have to worry about them exceeding their minutes. How convenient is that? These plans generally don’t have any hidden charges or fees (although some of the larger carriers do, so read the fine print.) My kids can use up the minutes when they need to and I just reload the minutes every month.

Certainly, prepaid cell phones are the approach to take if you desire a no frills, easy access cell phone that is cheap to use. Prepaid cell phones are a guaranteed way to make sure that my kids can contact me in an emergency without having to pay an arm and a leg.


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